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BMW SUV To Offer New Driver-Assist Tech In Australia


While the Lane Changing Assistant tech on some of the BMW models has already been offered here in the US, the SUVs in Australia were never offered with the feature but that will be changing now.

The automaker will finally be offering the Lane Change Assistant on their BMW X5, X6 and X7 in Australia. The feature will automatically steer the wheel movement to the right destination lane on a multi-lane road. The features will be added as part of the Driving Assistant Professional package.

The feature works using radars and cameras to analyze the surroundings and determine where it is the same to make the switch. The feature will be operating between the speed of 40mph to 112mph so it would be something that drivers can benefit from in any long-distance journey.

To use it, drivers will have to put their hands on the steering and click on the indicator to indicate the lane they want to switch to.

Author:Michelle Kade

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