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BMW To Offer Android Auto For Free Too


It was previously announced that BMW will not charge its customers for the Apple CarPlay service. As exciting as that was, Android users had no interest in that but BMW does have some news for them this week.

It was now announced that BMW will be offering Android Auto. The automaker announces that they will be adding Android Auto to every BMW with the Operating System 7.0 software which was released in 2018 that is compatible with Android Auto.

It will also be wireless so there won’t be a need to connect it to a USB port. The OS will come with some key features including the navigation system, Spotify and more. The Android Auto will also display information on the head-up display. The update is expected to start rolling out in July next year.

Now that BMW is on board, let’s see when Mini and Toyota will also start offering Android Auto to its customers.

Author:Michelle Kade

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