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BMW X6 & X7 To Get Fuel-Cell Powertrain?


BMW X6 and BMW X7 are doing pretty well right now and BMW is looking to push it even further by offering it with a hydrogen fuel-cell engine in the future.

According to Klaus Froehlich, the BMW research and development boss, their latest fuel-cell tech will help improve the value of such powertrain in the future. It was added that the current cost to build a fuel cell powertrain is much higher than a battery-electric vehicle but they are hoping to equalized that by 2025.

While he did say that the engines would be offered with the BMW X6 and BMW X7, there was no mention of when we will be seeing these. It is believed that we might see it happen in 2025.

He also added that the fuel cell powertrain will play a bigger role in light and heavy-duty trucks in the future but we will have to wait and see.

Author:Michelle Kade

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