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Borderlands 3 Update Opens Up New Possibilities


Borderlands 3 will be getting another level cap increase with the new Guns, Love and Tentacles update as the developer revealed that the Vault Hunter max level is now up to 57 which would make a pretty big impact on the game.

With the update, players can now select two capstone skills instead of just one ad those skills are really important for Vault Hunter. This will give endgame players a huge surge of power. This will also allow their players to play around with the new build and combinations.

On top of the new update, the developer also added that their spring 2020 roadmap will still go on and that will include the Mayhem 2.0 in April which will bring a dedicated tab in player’s Echo Device so they can adjust it quickly.

Then there is the Revenge of the Cartels in April which will come with a new Mansion area. Fans will have to look forward to in Borderlands 3.

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