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Borderlands 3: What New In New Patch?


The new update for Borderlands 3 is here and the developer has released the new patch notes for the game showing us what to expect from the update.

The latest hotfix patch will focus on Moze. They did say that they are not done with Moze yet and the new update will buff Moze event further. Four of her skills will be updated to make Moze event stronger. this will include change cooldown rate, damage output and more update to her Iron Bear ability.

This update will also bring in two new mini-events, Rare Chest Riches and Loot Monster Mayhem. The first will increase your chance of getting Legendary items from rare chests while the later will inch your chances of Loot enemies appearing in-game with a higher chance of dropping Legendary hear as well.

Both events will end on the 16th of April. You can read the full patch notes on their website.

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