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Bugatti Divo Development Finally Done, Deliveries To Start Soon


The limited-edition Bugatti Divo was introduced in 2018 and finally, after years of waiting, the vehicle will finally be almost ready for deliveries.

Bugatti announced that the development process for the Bugatti Divo is finally done with the first examples set to be delivered soon. Based on the Chiron, the Divo will be 77 pounds lighter than the vehicle and will generate 198 additional pounds of downforce and has a top speed of 236mph.

As impressive as the Divo looks, a lot of the design features also have a function. The front spoiler will add additional downforce while the air vents in the front increase airflow. The roof panel was also tweaked.

Like the Chiron, it will be fitted with a powerful W16 engine but it will drive very different from the Chiron. Only 40 of these Divos were made by hand in Molsheim, France.

Another rumor suggested that Bugatti might also be working on a new SUV model that seems to be fake.

Author:Michelle Kade

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