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Bugatti Looking At Offering An Electric Crossover


In the past, we would never have considered that Bugatti will be offering a crossover model but new reports are now claiming that the automaker is hoping to build a crossover model that will be running on an EV powertrain.

According to Bloomberg, the new EV model will come in to sit below the Chiron. Stephen Winkelmann, the Chief executive of Bugatti also added that they have been talking to Volkswagen about given the thumbs up for such a model but did not say if it was approved or not.

Bugatti is hoping that the new crossover would help them increase their output to 600 annually. Of course, at this point, nothing has been set in stone yet and it does not look like Bugatti has any more details to offer but what do you think of an EV Crossover model from Bugatti?

Author:Michelle Kade

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