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Cadillac Lyriq EV Name Origin Explained


Cadillac is looking to enter the EV war with their Lyriq and they have now explained where that name came from.

According to GM Authority, there are three threads that lead to them choosing Lyriq as the name for their vehicle. The first is that the name Cadillac is the most mentioned automaker brand name in song lyrics so that is where the Lyriq comes from.

The other explanation is that their move to give their vehicles proper names had lead them to end the names in iq and they felt like Lyriq was the right fit for that. The final thread is that they liked the fact that Cadillac and the name both ended with the ick sound and that it rolls off the tongue very week but this feels like a long stretch for many.

More details about the concept will be revealed when Cadillac debuts the Lyriq next month on the 6th of August. What do you think of the EV so far?

Author:Michelle Kade

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