When the Call of Duty franchise became the new benchmark for generic gaming, Activision didn’t take it as a criticism. The developer embraced the new status of the series by releasing more and more titles.

Call of Duty, like EA’s FIFA or 2K’s NBA franchises, is now an annual event. There will definitely be one new title every year.

Despite this loathsome approach, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 has stood out like a flower among weeds. Even after more than six months, it remains a top-selling title around the world.

In April, Black Ops 3 for the PS4 was the fourth biggest selling game. Based on figures from VGChartz, there was a tally of 132,451 copies sold worldwide in that month with cumulative sales coming up to nearly 13 million copies.

It has even sold more copies than Grand Theft Auto V on the same platform. The latest of the iconic GTA series from Rockstar has been around since 2013, but has sold only over 10.9 million copies for the PS4 in comparison.

Considering the ongoing sales triumph of Black Ops 3, it has probably been a good idea for Activision to aggressively promote the upcoming Infinite Warfare via the many creative ways it interacted with players through the top-selling game.

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