After all the speculations, we finally have an announcement video as well as a date but we are still as blinded as we were before the announcement was made.

Activision announces that the game will be revealed on the 17th of May and that players can expect to learn more about the game as they will be gameplay footage. The video that they release this week did not have much to offer other than the dates.

What the fans would like to know right now is where the game will be set. In Call of Duty Black Ops 3, we jump forward 40 years into the future to 2065 but then last year, we transported back to World War II so fans are curious where Activision will be bringing them this year.

After the reveal in May, fans will have to wait for 5 more months before they can get their hands on the game as the game will only be arriving on the 12th of October.

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