Some fans were hoping that the upcoming Call of Duty game Black Ops 4 would include a solo campaign but it has just revealed more about the game and it looks like it is going to be bad news for those hoping for a solo campaign.

According to Kotaku, the upcoming Black Ops 4 will be a multiplayer only game. Besides the standard multiplayer mode, players can also look forward to the new Battle Royale mode. With games like Pubg and Fortnite getting so much attention, it made sense that Call of Duty will try to copy some of it.

This is a huge shift for the game as the developer choose to focus solely on the multiplayer aspect of the game this time around. Of course, we still expect to see some modes that will allow players to play on their own like the zombie mode but don’t expect much this time around.

More details will be revealed on the 17th of May.

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