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Call Of Duty Mobile Won’t Go Easy On Cheaters


Call of Duty Mobile seems to be doing pretty well and while most people do try to play as far as they can, there are also a few that choose to cheat and ruin the experience for the other and the developer is not having any of it.

According to the developer, they have already received a few reporting cheating in the last few weeks and they have chosen to do something about it. They added that if they see any cheating, they will not hesitate to enforce with their Security & Enforcement Policy.

Players that are caught using third-party software to mod or hack their game, they will be temporarily suspended if caught the first time. Another office will result in permanent suspension. The player will also get removed from the leaderboards.

In their post, they also talk about some of the events that fans can expect int the future along with the bug fixes. There is currently the sniper-only event which will run until the 22nd of April.

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