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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 3 Teaser Released!


We are only a few days away from the release of Season 3 for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and the developer has now released a new teaser image for the upcoming new season.

Season 3 will officially be arriving on the 8th of April and based on the promotional email for the third season, we got to see Alex, the new Operator in the image along with the text “Operators return, New gear arrives, and worlds collide.

From what we can see, there will be a new character skin for Alex, who was also in the teaser for Season 3. The update will also come with some new content for the multiplayer mode and Spec Ops mode along with new content for Warzone.

Model Warfare 2 Remastered will also be arriving this month but unlike Modern Warfare, this will not come with a multiplayer mode.

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