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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Spoiler Alert!


We are only days away from the release of the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare game but it looks like the developer could not keep the game secured for a few more days as copies of the game were started appearing in the wild!

Since there is a physical version fo the game, the developer has already started shipping the game out to retailers and some of those got into the hands of players.

We do not know how those players got their hands on the game but it is said to be PS4 versions of the game. With the game now out, we can expect to see some spoilers leaked out before the game even arrives so if you are sensitive about things like that, you might want to be extra careful these couple of days.

The new Modern Warfare game will have a few new mechanic and features to freshen up the game and the developer have been hyping up the game for some time now. It is a pity that this is happening to the game.

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