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Call Of Duty: Warzone, Cat Is Out Of The Bag


After all the hype, it was finally announced. Here is what we know about the upcoming Call of Duty: Warzone.

Fans of the Call of Duty franchise will probably be somewhat familiar with Warzone since it is the updated version of the Blackout mode that came with Black Ops 4. The Battle Royale game will be very similar to the original model but in Warzone, each game will support up to 150 players.

The new Warzone will also come with Plunder where players will have to earn the most money by looting or eliminating other players and completing contracts.

The game will be a free-to-play game and everybody will be able to download it even if they do not own the Modern Warfare game but those that do have the game can transfer their Battle Pass items, Operators and progression over.

Call of Duty: Warzone will be released on the 10th of March on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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