When Chevrolet first announce the Chevrolet Bolt, everybody thought that it was going to be the car to dominate the electric car market and while the car does have a lot of offer, it does feel like it never really took off.

Of course, that could be because Chevrolet took so long to release the Bolt is all the states but now that the Bolt is available nationwide, it looks like the Chevrolet Bolt is finally living up to the hype that Chevrolet started.

Nine months after the released of the Chevrolet Bolt, the electric vehicle is finally overtaking the Chevrolet Volt. In August, Chevrolet sold about 2107 units of the Bolt surpassing the Volt for the second month in a row.

With the Volt being around since 2011, it made sense that the Bolt would eventually overtake it to become the electric vehicle for Chevrolet. Most people are predicting that the Bolt will probably keep the lead for some time.

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