Chevrolet took the covers off their new Chevrolet Bolt Incomplete. As the name alone would suggest, the Chevrolet Bolt Incomplete will come with a few missing features.

The Chevrolet Bolt Incomplete will be a commercial vehicle for fleet sale. This means these cars will be sold so that third parties can turn it into something else. So what will be Incomplete model ditch?

Well, the rear seat will be gone and so will all the other features that don’t serve a cargo use-case. Officially, the package will be called the Rear Sear Delete package. The driver and front passenger will still have their airbags but the other airbags will be removed.

The 16inch wheels will be replaced by the 17inch aluminum wheels. No price was announced for the Chevrolet Bolt Incomplete. This is an interesting way to boost the sales of the Bolt and we will have to wait and see if this is the right move or not.

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