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Child Of Light Offered For Free By Ubisoft


If you are at home and are looking for a new game to try out, you might want to give Child of Light a chance since the game is being offered for free by Ubisoft right now.

A lot of publishers and storefronts have been offering out free digital versions of games during this time and Ubosofit is now offering Child of light for free on Uplay. You don’t have to download it now, all you need to do is to claim the game, it will be yours to keep.

The RPG was released back in 2014. We will be playing as Aurora that falls asleep in her bed and does not wake up the next day. When she does wake up, she is in the fantasy land known as Lemuria.

The game might be a few years old but it is still an amazing game to dive into more so now that it is free. The game on normal days will be sold for $15.

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