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Chrysler Airflow Vision Concept Heads To CES


Chrysler will be one of the many automakers that we will be seeing at CES this year and with them will be their new Chrysler Airflow Vision concept. Here is what we know now.

To jog your memory, the Airflow name was used by Chrysler in the past for their product in the 1930s. As the name suggests, the new concept will have a very smooth and slippery design. While we can see where the design came from, some people are saying that looks too similar to some of the newer EV concepts that we have been seeing so far.

Teasers of the interior showed the vehicle with some pedestal-mounted seats covered in leather and suede. There is also the dual-display screens in the center with another one for the passenger.

No word on what is underneath the hood here but there were speculations that it might be sharing a powertrain with the Pacifica Hybrid model which is a hybrid V6.

Author:Michelle Kade

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