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Consumers Not Ready To Give Thier Cars Full Control Yet


With all the new autonomous tech that we are getting one the newer model, it does feel like the day when the car will be in full control is not that far off. While the tech might be ready soon, will the consumers be ready?

According to an SAE International survey, most of the consumers seem to be supportive of autonomous cars but many of them also have some reservations when it comes to letting the car operate completely on its own. Most express that they would rather share the control.

The survey also questions participants before and after they have tried out the autonomous vehicle and states that a huge percentage of participants were enthusiastic about it after trying it but still seems unsure about having it fully automatic.

Another J.D.Power study indicated that consumers are not confident about the future of self-driving vehicles right now as most of them as little to no knowledge of the tech and are not looking to purchase or lease a self-driving vehicle at this moment.

Author:Michelle Kade

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