It is widely known that since the Land Rover Defender has gone out of commission, there aren’t any legitimate direct competitors to the Jeep Wrangler. In fact, even before the Defender was discontinued the Wrangler had virtually no pressure from rivals.

When 2018 arrives, the next-gen Wrangler is going to start rolling out. It is not only purposed to tackle the US market, but to strengthen Jeep’s influence in overseas markets that have been opened up by the Renegade.

And it is set to do so with several available variants that include a highly anticipated compact pickup. Whereas its standard two-door model is unique to foreign markets (hence it’s high resale value abroad), the pickup Wrangler is going to face loads of competition.

Unlike the US market, smaller to mid-size pickups such as the Nissan Navara, Mitsubishi Triton, Toyota Hilux and Ford Ranger are the most sought after trucks elsewhere in the world.

Last year, the Ford Ranger was the best-selling model in both Europe and Asia Pacific, making it the biggest threat to the impending Wrangler pickup. Some could argue that the 2016 International Pickup of the Year Nissan Navara also has a say in this matter.

But the heat from Blue Oval is also going to be cranked up on the Jeep halo nameplate at home as both the Ford Ranger and Ford Bronco are set to return to the US in 2018. The Bronco is going to be a nuisance to the standard Wrangler models, while the Ranger is not going to let its pickup off so easy.

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Robert Ryan · June 26, 2016 at 5:08 am

No, the Ford Ranger was not the best selling Pickup in Asia, the Hilux was by a considerable margin..Pickup Truck sales in Europe are almost non existent. Ford Ranger has a 2500lb payload for the Dual Cab model.

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