Most folks didn’t give the Nexus 6 much thought when it was released. This was all due to its size – despite the phablet hype going on at that time, most buyers didn’t like devices that go beyond 5.7-inches.

There were other models that went passed that size mark but none of them were quite like the Nexus 6; they weren’t regarded as well-designed models. They were basically giant devices and that’s it.

But, the Nexus 6 was different. In spite of its large size, the device didn’t need a stylus to ease its usage – unlike the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

There’s no doubt that the Nexus 6 was truly a beloved and revolutionary device from Google. So, it’s understandable that fans were upset when Google moved away from the Nexus series into something more akin to an iPhone.

However, the Mountain View designers may look toward the Nexus 6 for some design inspirations for its upcoming Pixel and Pixel XL sequels.

This is because the company is currently seeking fans’ assistance to offer up input on the designs of the current models. Seeing that the Nexus 6 is one of the most popular device fo the Nexus series, it could end up being the benchmark for all future Pixel devices.

Well, if Google does incorporate these feedback into its upcoming models, there’s no doubt that Nexus 6 users will finally find a worthy replacement.

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