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Daihatsu Looking To Take On Jimny


It looks like Jimny will have another rival to watch out for as Daihatsu revealed their lineup for the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show.

The automaker announces that they will be bringing four new concepts to the show this year all with some unique name. The Waku Waku concept will be a kei car-sized crossover model that is quite close to production. While it might be small, the SUV’s boxy design with off-road bumpers, plastic wheel arch cladding, high ground clearance and more could make it an ideal competitor to the Jimny.

The next concept that we will be seeing is the Wai Wai concept which is a six-seater, three-row minivans with normal front doors that open up and rear door that slides back and two sunroof making the vehicle feel very airy and futuristic.

Then there is the Ico Ico concept which is more like a last-mile public transporter that could accommodate about four people. The final concept is called the Tsumu Tsumu which is a multi-purpose tiny truck with a modular loading platform.

We will be seeing all these concepts at the Tokyo Motor Show.

Author:Michelle Kade

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