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Dead Cells To Get New DLC Soon!


Dead Cells will be getting some new content next year as Motion Twin and Evil Empire both announce that more content will be added to the game starting off with the new DLC expansion.

Called The Bad Seed, the new DLC expansion will come with two new early game biomes and a new boss. The DLC will not be free as players will have to pay $5 to get the DLC.

When the DLC arrives, players will be able to go to The Arboretum which is described as a peaceful place with nothing to fear and The Swamp which is described as “putrid, tick-infested cesspool inhabited by spear-wielding, blow dart firing jerks.

The teaser image does not show much but we see what looks like purple vines with some eyeball coming out from the swamp. The develope also added that they will continue to work on balancing the game as they go forward.

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