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Death Stranding Could Just Be The Start


This month has been a pretty interesting month for Hideo Kojima and his Death Stranding game as we got to see the gameplay video for the upcoming game but is a lot more to come. In fact, Kojima seems to think that the game could even go past the first game.

Kojima once said that this new game will mark the creation of a new genre which he is calling the “Strand Games”. It was added that if explored correctly, we will have more Death Stranding project in the future as he thinks one game alone will not be enough to make it into a genre.

It was explained that the upcoming Death Stranding game will serve as a foundation for the genre but he also reveals that he is not sure if he could make it happen although he clearly is interested in pushing the genre further

Death Stranding will be released on the 8th of November this year.

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