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Demon Slayer: New PS4 Trailer Released With Mobile News


It will be an exciting year for Demon Slayer fans as it was announced that the franchise will be getting a PS4 action game along with a battle-royale mobile game and now we have gotten some new trailers for both these games.

The new teaser trailer for the PS4 game showed off the graphics of the game and so far, it looks very close to what we are familiar with in the anime. We did not see many gameplay elements so we will have to wait and see if more details were revealed further on.

As for the battle royale mobile game, we know that it will be a multiplayer game where individuals will be separated into Demon Slayer and Demons and they will have to take down the opposing team. The match will take place in the Demon Slayer world.

The games are set to arrive in 2020 and 2021. Check out the newly released trailer below.

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