From Software had more than a few things to show at E3 2018 including their new game Deracine. Based on what we have seen from them so far, the game should be interesting but we would be even more excited about it if only we know what it is about.

An announcement trailer for the game was released at E3 2018 but it does not really tell us much about the game. Some people were also given the opportunity to play the demo version of the game at E3 but nobody can’t seem to come out with a way to explain what the game is really about.

What we know now is that we will be playing a spirit that has been summoned by a young girl. You can talk to students in the girls and also interact with some of the objects in the old house. You can also revive some dead objects like the flower.

The objective of the game is still unclear so hopefully, we will learn more soon. The game will be released on the PSR and PSVR only.

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