The 2017 Toyota Prius Prime and the Chevrolet Volt may be high-volume plug-in hybrids as well as compact five-door hatchbacks but they are essentially different vehicles.

The plug-in Prius comes with a brand new front fascia, looking bolder than ever with its horizontal taillights. The model also incorporates a big tablet-style touchscreen display in most of its variants.

The Volt comes with a fifth-seating position while the Prius is only a four-seater. But, since it will be sitting on top of the padded battery hump, it does not look very comfortable for long rides.

The Prius, equipped with an 8.8kWh battery unit, makes 121 horsepower with an EPA-rated 25 miles of range. Meanwhile, the Volt is speedier with its 18.4kWh battery making 149 horsepower with 53 miles of range. However, the Prius Prime’s 54mpg surpasses the Bolt’s 42mpg, once the battery is depleted.

Since it is all-electric by default, the Prius Prime driving experience matches up to the Volt. Although it may not be as fast or reach as far, it has got enough power to make 75mph and its driving experience will be just as pleasant as the Volt.

The Volt’s price begins at about $34,000 while the entry level Prius Prime begins at $28,000. But, due to federal income-tax credit, the Volt’s price is reduced by $7,500 whereas the Prime gets a $4,500 discount.

Well, which would you rather drive?

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Ted Owens · December 10, 2016 at 11:39 pm

Is this a Prius ad? It sounds like one. The Volt is much faster, more fun to drive and able to keep you out of gas stations much longer. The Prius is only the better choice if your daily drive is more in the neighborhood of 80 miles or more. The Prius is the better gas car. Both are great cars, with some what different strengths.

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