Bungie has just revealed the name of the upcoming DLC and with that announcement came the new teaser video for the new DLC.

Called Forsaken, the title itself could be referring to Mithrax, the Forsaken. The teaser video also showed us Cayde-6 and a Guardian dropping onto what many fans believe is the Reef which is the home of the Awoken.

More details will be revealed when Bungie officially announces the new DLC this week with more to come. According to Bungie, the revealing event is just one part of the conversation and that fans can expect to see more from them all summer.

The developers also added that the new DLC will introduce a new mode but we will have to wait and see what this new mode will offer. It is clear that Bungie is doing a better job at keeping the fans engage in the game this time compared to Destiny 1 and we are all for it.

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