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Destiny 2: Players Getting Knock Out Of Matches


With the start of a new season for Destiny 2, a few new bugs were reported which was to be expected and now Bungie is ready to address some of them.

Earlier, it was announced that some of the requirements for the Season of the Worthy activities were not correct and now, it was reported that players are getting kicked out of Gambit matches for no apparent reason and also winning matches when players from the other team get kicked out.

The issue was said to be happening when the layer level up their season pass when in a Gambit match. When somebody level-ups, the others get disconnected which would then lead to instead losses or wins.

Bungie is already looking into the issue so hopefully, they will have a fix ready for their fans soon enough. It was reported that it does not happen to all matches so at least that is a relief?

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