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Diablo Immortal Testing To Happen This Year


We still do not have an actual release date for Diablo Immortal now but it looks like the developer might already be looking to test out this game soon.

Activision had a lot to announce this year. Other than talking about their remaster future and new Call of Duty game, Activision also added that they will be ready to have an alpha test for Diablo Immortal this year.

They added that they are making some very good progress with the game and that they will be having an alpha test later this year so that they can get some feedback from the fans and continue to work on improving the game.

Although the fans were not too happy that the hyped-up Diablo announcement back in 2018 ended up being a mobile game, it seems like the fans are still looking forward to seeing what Blizard will have to offer and they have come out with.

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