Sergio Marchionne, FCA’s CEO disclosed that there is a chance that he would propose a merger with GM again, according to a report by Automotive News.

Marchionne has always been open to this idea of mergers within the industry. He stands firm by his belief that these mergers will bring down costs in producing cleaner and more technologically advanced vehicles as it could be split among the companies. But, GM doesn’t think the same though – it has already turned down multiple mergers offers from FCA.

Speaking at the Geneva Auto Show, Marchionne revealed that, “I never close any doors… I may shamelessly try knocking on the GM door again, or any door, if I thought it was a good thing to do for the business, without even blinking, I could.”

The CEO also said that the PSA-Opel deal would reduce potential synergies FCA could acquire via a merger with GM by about 15 percent; but, the deal is still worth it.

FCA-GM collaboration may bring on more advantages than disadvantages though. For one, if the merger happens, the Camaro and Challenger would no longer be competitors, instead they’ll be friends working together to crush the Ford Mustang.

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