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Dodge Performance Lineup Teased!


Dodge will have something interesting to announce this week but before that happen, the automaker has released some teasers on what it is they plan to say.

The new audio-only teaser video will feature the supercharged Hellcat V-8s that can be heard revving over an electric guitar. It was also revealed that we will be getting three more teaser videos after this which another teaser image coming before the big announcement.

If you plan to watch the announcement, it will be stream live on Dodge.com so you can put that down on your calendar. We can expect Dodge to revealed a little more about their 2021 performance lineup this time. According to Doge, they are aiming to offer a performance portfolio of 8950hp combined.

Well, the wait is almost over so we should be knowing a lot more by the end of the week.

Author:Michelle Kade

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