Most of the fans were already expecting a sequel for Dragon Age 3 based on the ending of the last game but it was still a nice treat for the fans when Mike Laidlaw announced the game a few months ago.

According to him, we will only be seeing the game next year but Laidlaw also reveals some interesting detail about the game. Cullen, one of the characters in the game that has stayed around for all three games but he was never a playable character until now.

Laidlaw reveals that Cullen will be playing an active part in the fourth game and he will be trying his best to stop the apocalypse from happening. I am liking where the fourth game is going and based on what we know, it looks like it is going to be one epic game.

Dragon Age 4 will be all about stopping Solas from taking over the world. The Qunaris will also start a rebellion while the mages and Templars clashes once more.

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