Dragon Age Inquisition ended with Solas leaving the Inquisition as he wants to start a war just to save his race. Any choices made won’t change Solas’ mind and this got many speculating that the elf will be the antagonist in the upcoming sequel, Dragon Age Inquisition.

Well, we certainly hope that this won’t be the case because we don’t find Solas an exciting character to begin with. Also, the ending in Inquisition is too much of a reveal that it spoils the surprise factor. We simply don’t see Bioware spoiling something major this early.

In other words, Bioware is up to something in Dragon Age 4 and we feel that the game developer is going to introduce a major antagonist that will be related to the war Solas is starting on.

But of course, this is just our opinion on the matter. We simply see Solas as a side-show character rather than something worthy of anything major. What do you think? Should Solas be an antagonist in Dragon Age 4?

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