A number of people had thought that Pacific Rim 2 would end up like the Transformers movie franchise, but it turned out that a film that doesn’t take itself too seriously has been taken really seriously, insofar as sequel prospects stirring excitement rather than dread.

Director of the first film Guillermo del Toro has said that he won’t be returning for the same role but will continue to be influential to the direction of the film.

Tech Times discovered that del Toro had met up with Steven S. DeKnight, who is taking over as director for the sequel, and apparently he really likes what they have discussed. Given his enthusiasm, we believe that we can be optimistic that the second film will meet the standards of the first.

Pacific Rim 2 is believed to be coming out next year. Guillermo del Toro had expressed that he wants Maisie Williams in the cast, so let’s hope we see her name in the ensemble list when they announce plans to begin shooting.

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