The Elder Scroll franchise has a huge fanbase and it is clear why and the developers are making sure that everybody will get to chance to experience it by releasing it on any device they can but what the fans would like to know now is when the next game will be arriving.

Based on the last few games, the developer usually has a four to five year gap between each game. If we were to estimate Elder Scrolls 6 based on that, it is clearly overdue now and with so little information about the game, some fans are starting to worry that Elder Scrolls 5 would be the last.

Earlier speculations suggested that we would see the game before 2017 ends but Pete Hines shoot that down immediately. Fans are now hoping that this year would be the year but we have not seen or heard anything so far.

To be fair, most of the big gaming events has not happened yet so it might still be a little too early to start worrying. What do you think? Will there be an Elder Scrolls 6 game? Will we see it this year?

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