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Elder Scrolls Online: Console Version To Get Major Update


The console version of Elder Scrolls Online will be getting a major update soon so be prepared.

As exciting as it is, it was announced that this update will require players to actually re-download the game from scratch. The auto-update feature in the game will do it for you but do take note of that as that means the next update could take a long time.

The update is already up on PC and Mac so console fans have been waiting for the update to come. The update will be arriving on the 10th of March so do lead up your console earlier. We do not know the size yet but we do know the PC version was 64.22GB.

To thank the fans for having to deal with the long update time, the developer will be offering the Crimson Torchbug pet for free. Make sure you redeem it before the 24th of March.

Author:Michelle Kade

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