One of the weak points of Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim is the absence of a rich AI infrastructure. The game may come with a large map but when it comes to AI interactions, Skyrim is two steps backwards from its predecessor, Oblivion.

Back in Oblivion, the NPCs had crazy intricate lives and schedules. They’d go on vacations, have secret affairs, had friends and enemies. Such a complex AI setup creates realism but only a minority of the players actually acknowledged it and appreciated the setup.

This is probably why Bethesda chose to focus on other things rather than making AI characters life-like. But if you miss the rich social world of Oblivion, we have got some great news for you. There is now a way to inject Oblivion’s realism into Skyrim and it is through a newly developed mod.

The mod comes in the form of a tool called CIF-CK and it adds an AI program that will add autonomous movement and script with the NPCs in the game. The result is a social system that feels more dynamic and realistic.

The mod can be downloaded on Steam Community Site, under the name Social NPCs.

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