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Epic Games Store Not Slowing Down On Exclusives


2019 was all about Epic Games picking up exclusives PC games here and there for a year and it does not look like they are looking to slow down anytime soon.

According to Epic, Epic Games Store has grossed about $680 million so far with $251million of those coming from third party games with games like The Division 2, World War Z, Dauntless, The Outer Worlds and more being some of the most popular game on the platform and the best part of it all is that these titles are timed-exclusives for Epic.

It is clear that the strategy works and Tim Sweeney has added that they will continue to pursue exclusively. Some games that they have already secured so far include Magic: The Gathering Arena, God Fall, Predator and more.

One reason why so many developers also looking to strike a deal with them is because of the attractive offer that Epic is offering these developers as they only take 12% of the game sales and give 88% back to the developer, much higher than the 70/30 split that Steam is offering.

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