While it did look like the Essential Phone was going to make it when it was first announced, things are not looking too good for the smartphone right now we are not sure if the arrival of the new Pure White color is going to change that.

Despite all the hype when it was released, people started ignoring them when the phone failed to arrive around the time Essential Phone said it will. After a lot of speculation and rumors, the device finally arrived but fans were already over it.

The new Pure White is supposed to be the second color out of the four that Essential Phone plans to offer. At this point, we do not know if the other colors are going to make it out or not but at least the Pure White is here now.

The new Essential Phone is priced at $699. Overall, the device is still a great smartphone and it has everything you would want on a premium smartphone so take it into consideration if you are looking for a smartphone that is a little different than the rest.

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