We all thought that the Essential Phone was going to be the smartphone to beat this year when the device was announced earlier this year. The stunning design and impressive specs made it looked like the device were going to fly off the shelf when it arrives but that is far from what is happening to the device now.

According to the reports, Essential Phone is having a hard time selling off their device. It is believed that they only sold about 5000 units of the device since mid-September. This is far from what Samsung and Apple sold.

So who is to blame? Despite the fact the company is headed by the co-founder of Android, the device just failed to take off and some people think that the company might be the one to blame here.

When they announce the device, they also added that the device will be arriving a month after the announcement but that clearly did not happen and fans were left wondering if the device was going to happen. When they were finally ready to release the device, the fans were just over it and its release was soon forgotten.

We do not know where they will be heading in the future but things are certainly not looking too good right now.

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