Fallout 4 is no stranger to bugs and gameplay issues, but the players still invested hope in what is the biggest DLC ever made in terms of land mass in the franchise. The best part is that it costs only $25, which is within the price range of previous DLCs from the series.

Far Harbor has met expectations, in a way; by taking players to a new island that houses fresh and interesting discoveries, different challenges, and of course more performance problems.

After complaints by regular players and reviewers alike regarding how the game’s frame rate on the DLC plummets whenever they come across radioactive fog (which incidentally is everywhere in Far Harbor), Bethesda has come out to say that it is working on a fix.

The developer mentioned that it had already made optimizations based on feedback on the beta version of the DLC, but it seems that that has not been enough. However, no specific timing has been given for the arrival of the new patch.

Those who have not been experiencing issues have been generous with praise for Far Harbor, so in order to win gamers over again Bethesda must successfully resolve the stuttering frame rate issues with the upcoming patch.

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