With so little news about the Elder Scrolls 6, it’s no wonder why the fans would think that there might be something that is holding the game back.

We know that huge games like the Elder Scrolls 6 would take years to complete but the fans feel like Bethesda is taking a lot more time with the game and that the Fallout VR might be the one to blame here.

Some fans feel like Bethesda might have stretched their employees too thin with the Fallout VR and that there are not enough people working on the Elder Scrolls 6 right now. While that would explain why Bethesda is taking so long, we do not think that that is the case here.

When it comes to companies like Bethesda, they probably have a team working on Elder Scrolls 6 already and what another project they have will be handled by some other team. With so little news on both games, all we can do now is wait.

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