Fallout 4 may be the latest Fallout game around but this does not make it the best game in the series. This title still belongs to Fallout New Vegas as the game is able to offer a more pleasurable experience of the Wasteland than Fallout 4.

The vast majority of the fans agreed on this when they voted New Vegas on an online poll and this suggests that the sales success of Fallout 4 is owed to the popularity of the series. When it comes to the fun meter, Fallout 4 is way behind Fallout New Vegas.

Seeing that Fallout New Vegas is not developed by Bethesda, perhaps it is best for the series if a new developer is to take charge of Fallout 5. The content in Fallout 4 is just so weak that Bethesda should really pass the baton to a different developer.

Bethesda should simply stick to supervising Fallout’s development rather than being in the frontline of things. That way, the Fallout franchise can finally show improvements on the gameplay front instead of riding on its popularity.

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