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Fallout 76 Australian Fans Gets Refunds


It looks like some of those living in Australia would be able to get their money back after purchasing Fallout 76. According to ACCC, ZeniMax which owns Bethesda did acknowledge that they might have misled consumers about their consumer guarantee rights when it came to their Fallout 76 game.

Soon after the game was released, some fans complained to the ACCC that ZeniMax denied their refunds after the request for it citing bugs and network issues as the reason and that is against Australian Consumer Law.

Those that did request for a refund from the 24th of November 2018 to the 1st of June 2019 in Australia will be getting their refunds from ZeniMax. Of course, after the refund, they will not have access to the game anymore.

Since its release, Bethesda has continued to offer updates and new content to the game including the latest battle royale mode but only time will tell if it is enough to keep them going.

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