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Fallout 76: Time To Move Out!


Bethesda’s Fallout 76 will be getting an update soon and we have just gotten now new information on that the update will bring to the game.

Wastelanders were supposed to be out by now but the release was delayed due to the coronavirus. After the long wait, the developer has now announced that the update will be arriving on the 14th of April and here is what we know about the update right now.

One change that players will welcome with the release of the DLC is the addition of NPC to the universe. Besides that, there will also be new companies and a new main quest that players can dive int to.

The map of the game will also be updated as new zones will now be built-in player C.A.M.P.S to house NPCs or new story content. The new map for the no C.A.M.P zones for players has been released so those that want to move their homes can do so now. If not, they will be prompted when they load Wastelanders for the first time.

To reward those that have stuck with the game since its release, Bethesda will also be offering a free Veteran outfit. Wastelanders will officially arrive on the 14th of April.

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