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Fallout 76: What Can We Expect?


The latest Wastelanders update brought some life back to the game as it added NPCs back into the game but fans can definitely expect to see more coming to Fallout 76 as the developer release the community calendar for the game.

The calendar highlight some of the things that players will be getting in the near future including the double XP weekend which will be happening in May. The next thing to look forward to now is the Purveyor Mystery Pick which will be happening from the 23rd of April until the 27th of April.

On top of that, the developer also announced that they will be bringing back the Public Test Server to test out future patches. The PTS will be starting back up next week on the 30th of April so that the community can test out the updates for May.

Testing will be invites only and players will need to sign an NDA before they can actually play with the new contents.

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