If there is one reason why people are sticking by Nintendo through thick and thin, it’s because of the iconic IPs which are rarely ever screwed up by the developer.

These same fans, however, have lost the belief that Nintendo has what it takes to make consoles that can compete with the PlayStation and Xbox. This voice of bleak cynicism has only grown louder now that Microsoft Project Scorpio has been announced.

They don’t want Nintendo to screw up, as is evident by the hopeful comments to almost every news piece regarding the upcoming NX console, but the belief that the system would be able to outdo those from its rivals has quite evidently been drained.

Nintendo has just given a justification to why it delayed the launch of the NX, saying that it is working on an idea. The immediate response from fans include “It’s a useless gimmick!”, “Nintendo should just move on from consoles and focus on third party support”, “Nintendo should stop with the BS” etc. etc.

While it is most likely true that the NX may not be as powerful as the PS4 Neo or Project Scorpio, would games with the caliber of the latest Legend of Zelda at least help the new Nintendo console to better days than the Wii U?

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