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Final Fantasy 3 Secret Revealed


Final Fantasy fans have been kept busy with the release of Final Fantasy 7 Remake but the developer is now ready to talk about Final Fantasy 3.

Released back on the 27th of April 1990, the vehicle game was the first to introduce the job change system into the franchise. In the new interview with game creator Hiromichi Tanaka, he explained that with the third game, they wanted to make good use of the NES and the megarom data size which was double that of Final Fantasy 2.

He also talked about how they wanted to move from story focus to mechanics focus with Final Fantasy 3 which was what turn the game into the one that through so many iconic features to the series including Moogles, the summoning system.

The interview is pretty interesting especially for those that have been a fan of Final Fantasy all these years so do check that out.

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